Thursday, May 1, 2008


while i was waiting for my antibiotics at cvs (because, yes, it is strep), i over-heard 2 boys excitedly explaining to their mother in spanish why they wanted to buy hershey's bars, marshmallows, and crackers. my spanish isn't very good but i was trying to practice, and eventually worked out that they wanted to make s'mores because they'd heard about them at school and wanted to try it.

I had to look. I peeked out behind the magazine rack and saw their mother smiling at them, willing to try this american experiment.

then i saw the ritz crackers.

sadly, i don't think their experiment is going to go as well as they hoped. i thought about telling them, but wasn't sure how they would take sick-looking crazy american woman, clutching some trashy magazine, using broken spanish to tell them they have the wrong crackers.

poor kids. maybe when you're 10 the chocolate and marshmallows override the cracker taste.

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Clix said...

dunno - it might work!

Sometimes salty and sweet go together nicely. Kind of like... kettle popcorn. Or CrackerJacks.