Monday, April 28, 2008

best wedding present ever

last year on my last day of school before i left to get married one of my jumpers brought this to me along with a card that said, "good luck with the love".
this is a little girl who will stay with me forever. her family situation is grim and she runs the family, keeping everyone in line. she is one of the most caring children i've ever met and will go out of her way to help others. when two girls couldn't make it to our try outs last fall she taught them the routine in the evenings and then asked us to let them try out.
she misses school frequently, mainly because she has to be a translator for her family. despite her grades i know this is a girl who is going to survive. she put together a memorial service for her brother who was killed in another country over a drug dispute. as a 5th grader she got it together, created the invites, talked to the people who needed to be talked to, and pulled off the funeral. this is a child whose strengths will take her far.
i love my wedding present because it was such a sweet, unexpected gesture. which of course, represents who she is.

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