Monday, April 14, 2008


today i walked past my smart cookie in the hallway and reminded her in my best Viola-Swamp voice to sit up, as she was lying on her stomach and obviously in the hallway because she was in trouble.

she sat up immediately but quickly explained what she had been doing.

"see my shirt?" she held up her sleeves to show the long, flowy cuffs (i'm sure there is a fashion term for this, but i don't know what it is).

"it's the ______ * dinosaur. and when my shirt goes like this, it means i'm mad. now i'm hungry. now i'm happy. now i'm going to eat my prey" she manipulates the shirt to show how if her hand was the dino's head it would be changing emotions quickly.

"when the raptors..." she went on but i realized it was inappropriate for me to stand there and listen when she was in trouble.

"i'd love to talk to you about this later, but not now." i said and walked away, trying not to crack up. "and please sit up, you are a role model for my kindergartners".

"what do you think??" she yelled down the hallway after me. "i'm a kid with energy!"

suddenly i saw myself drawn in a calvin and hobbes cartoon. the sunday ones, with lots of color and detail of the scary dinosaur. i'm in the tiny corner, bringing my smart cookie back to realty, when she was much happier laying on her stomach in the hallway, pretending her two arms were flying dinos.

*I cannot remember what type of dino she said she was, and after a quick google search of images i couldn't find the name. then i realized that i have a test in an hour and i really shouldn't be wasting my time looking at dinosaurs on line.

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