Friday, April 18, 2008

no pockets? what's a 5 year old girl to do?

as one of my kindergarten classes was lining up for PE today I noticed that a girl clutching 4 crayons in her hand. I asked her why she had them, reminded her she would be in big trouble with the PE teachers if she brought crayons to PE, and told her to put them away.

"But I have nowhere to put them!" she argued, as she hadn't brought a bookbag or jacket today.

"I'll take them and put them on your teacher's desk so nobody will touch them." I offered, put a tissue on my hand so that I could "wrap" the crayons up.

"OK" she happily agreed and handed them to me. "WAIT!" she exclaimed as I started to walk away. "There's more!"

She proceeded to put both hands into her pants to pull out 8 more crayons and one ball point pen. It took quite a bit of squirming to get them all out. At least I hope she got them all out. Can you imagine going to PE with a ballpoint pen and 8 crayons in your pants? It couldn't be comfortable. One wrong move and you could really get hurt.

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The Science Goddess said...

This reminds me of watching a class of 1st graders clean out their desks on Friday. Two girls were exasperated with one of the boys and had taken it upon themselves to help him. I was talking to their teacher when one of the girls walked over to show us the 4 pairs of scissors she'd discovered in the boy's desk. "Just how many pairs of scissors does he need, anyway?!" she harumphed.

Just wait 'til she grows up and has a hubby.