Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I knew it was officially spring on the airplane last Thursday on my way to our first wedding of the season. The man in seat beside me kept his head pasted against the window (blocking my view), gasping with happiness of the views of the cherry blossoms below.

Today spring's magic reached school.
I returned to my room this morning after 2 long local screening meetings where we went over testing and discussed whether or not children are eligible for special ed services. Already tired at 10am after the two tedious meetings I saw the longest daffodil I've ever seen in my life lying across my desk. I mean, the flower might actually be taller than my smaller kindergartners! The flower was from one of my little one's from last year, a girl with a difficult home life, and who doesn't seem to enjoy school that much. A girl I rarely saw the spark of happiness in. When I saw her a few hours later she told me it was the largest one she could find in her neighbor's yard. I love that the spring flowers tempted even her.

at lunch bunch one of my little ones exclaimed in an excited voice, "Mrs Lipstick! I went on a walk. I saw SPRING!!"
Wow, what does spring look like? I asked


Pink Flowers!! Pink TREES!!


his voice almost squeaked as he painted his simple-word picture of the excitement of his walk.

i love spring.

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