Monday, April 7, 2008

peter pan

occasionally i find myself identifying with peter pan who never wanted the children in his life to grow up. obviously i want the children i teach to eventually turn into responsible, knowledgeable, problem-solving citizens. but why now?

today was the first day back after a 3 week break. i did not teach during our optional intersession, and even restrained myself from going into school to do paperwork or see my kids. which of course made today the first day i'd seen them in 3 weeks.

they're so big! how can five year olds possibly grow so much in 3 weeks?!? they look like miniature adults. or, even scarier, they look like they are ready for first grade. they are standing taller, paying attention slightly longer, and walking around like they belong in our school. they're ready to move on.

of course peter pan taught us that we can't resist those around us growing up. still, it seems so fast.

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Blink said...

I had the same sensation. Those darn kids in third grade also got taller. I can imagine how much little guys can change. Great observation.