Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekly Literacy Activity Newsletter

I love books.

As both a parent and a teacher I have found nothing better than introducing a child to a new book and helping them connect to it in meaningful ways. As a parent however, I've found it much harder to be meaningful in how I incorporate books into our family's life. I read what my child brings me, and then we move on to the next book.

Inside the classroom setting I have watched how the careful introduction, teaching, anblogger-image--270927655.jpgd encouraged engagement with a book strengthens children's developmental abilities, particularly in the area of language.

I finally realized I can enjoy watching my own children's development blossom with activities centered around books as well. It does not need to be fancy or perfect - my children, like yours, will enjoy any opportunity to read and play with me.

I've started a weekly newsletter to give parents ideas of how they can enjoy in-depth literacy-centered play with their children to support their development. Each month will focus on one book, with a new activity each week that addresses your child's language, sensory, fine motor, and social/emotional development.

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Jennifer said...

I'd love to get the newsletter - how do I subscribe?

organized chaos said...

Thanks! Follow this link:

I hope you enjoy it!