Inside the Think-Tank

I am lucky to work in the ultimate Think-Tank- an extremely diverse public elementary school outside of Washington, DC where we not only teach children, but we are always examining our own teaching, researching what works and finding methods to make us better teachers in the process.

I am a special education teacher in a full-inclusion school. I serve kindergarten and first grade students, supporting and teaching them in their general education classrooms. I have my masters in special education and just began a Special Education Doctorate program at a nearby university.

A few years ago I moved my desk into a kindergarten classroom so that I am actually one of their teachers- not just someone who comes in and out throughout the day. I share a classroom with my partner-in-crime, an amazing teacher who I've been working with for four years now. Along with my home-room, I work in other classrooms as well, teaching both children eligible for special education and general education students.

After school I am the assistant coach a jump-rope team I had no idea jump rope teams even existed, but once I learned about the program I was so impressed that despite not knowing anything about jumping rope, I volunteered to help out. Our team, made up of third-fifth graders, is an amazing group of kids who never cease to amaze me with their dedication, work ethic, excitement, and energy. If only I could actually  jump rope...