Friday, April 25, 2008

two little kiddos jumping on the bed

the day we closed on our new house one of my fantastic co-teachers made a movie of two of my kiddos congratulating me on my new house. the video is fantastic and i know i'll keep it for years so that whenever i'm having a bad day i can watch it. perhaps, when the boys are in 5th grade i can play it for them and let them see what we experienced day in and day out...

in the movie, when one of the kiddos is prompted to wish me congratulations (my co-teacher actually says, "What is that big congratulations word you want to say to mrs lipstick?") the child says, "mrs lipstick is going to put us in her car and take us to see her house and then bring us back."

which my co-teacher responds to with a "maybe" and turns to the next child.

the maybe is loaded with a tone of voice that clearly means "NO" to most people. not, however, to my little friends, who should never be confused with "most people".

they have both asked me, multiple times, for more than a week now, when they are coming to my house. sometimes it sounds like they believe they've already gone to my house, which i slightly worry will get me in trouble with their parents. today, in the spirit of "a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do", i prompted us to write about it at writing center instead of explaining to the child, once again, that he has not been to my house, nor will he be going in the near future. we got two whole sentences (TWO!! So great!!) of the boys going to my house and then jumping on my bed. yes, jumping. on. my. bed.

its beautiful really. what five year old wouldn't want to jump on their teacher's bed?

sadly, the boys will have to settle for just seeing pics of my new house. and hopefully we can find a nice way to explain to their parents that they did not actually visit me there.

the video is the best video ever, and totally worth all of the confusion, as long as one day i don't come home to find the two of them using my bed as a trampoline.


Blink said...

I tots want you to post the video!!!

organized chaos said...

i would love to post the video, but am not sure how legal that is. however, if you teach at my school drop by and see it. its fabulous. i can't watch it without giggling. i love my kiddos.