Sunday, April 27, 2008

is it strep?

the throat that is slowly closing up by the minute.
the overwhelming back and leg pain of sitting up, standing up, sitting down, or moving in any way shape or form.
the feeling of weights pressing down my lungs.
the pain created by swallowing water.
the achy head.
the nasty taste in the mouth.

the unending feeling of regret for not using antibacterial soap more on Friday.
the memory of the sneeze at lunch bunch that covered my face, hands, arms, clothes.
the frustration at laziness for not being able to get off the couch.
the dread of having to go to the dr and be told its more than just a cold.
the hope, prayer, dream that tomorrow it will all be gone and i'll be back at school.

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Anonymous said...

Warm salt water gargle and get to the doc asap.