Friday, May 30, 2008


sometimes the tiniest little moments are the highlight of my day or week.

today i was writing a story with a boy who has pretty severe disabilities. we were writing a 3 page story and labeling our pictures with the first letter in each word. sounds simple, but this is really quite an event in itself.

we finally identified the /h/ sound in the beginning of house and matched the sound with the drawn letter (we don't know the names of the letters yet even though we know the sounds and the "letter picture")

we got the h down and i started to turn the page.

"NO" my friend said. "That's /h/. Need more for house."

I wanted to cry, jump for joy, shout from the roof tops.
That's /h/, not house.

Who would have thought the letters hs as opposed to h would make me SO happy?

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