Sunday, May 11, 2008

There will never be enough pigeon.

Mo Willems has another pigeon story out. I'm getting my car keys at this moment and headed to Borders.

This reviewer seems down on all things sequel, which I normally am as well. But anyone who has ever read aloud a pigeon story (or heard Mo read one aloud), and watched a full classroom of children become so excited with a pigeon story that they beg you to read it again the minute you finish it, will argue that we need more pigeon. Bring it on Mo. We've kept the pigeon away from the bus, and put him to bed on time, and now we're ready to refuse the puppy request.

How long will it take before we have memorized this one as well?

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Anonymous said...

Another Pigeon fan! I love Mo Willems, and I love his Pigeon books. My class goes nuts for them, and I find they are so much fun to read aloud. Even my ESL students love them, and pick them out of the "favorite books" box to "read" over and over. Another series that is quite good: the "Scaredy Squirrel" books by Melanie Watt.