Friday, May 2, 2008

i love lucy

its kentucky derby weekend, (a true holiday) and despite the fact that we have derby and oaks tickets, we are not yet in kentucky. i am a HUGE dork, and after some research discovered that we could skip the oaks (the races today) and fly out to kentucky tonight, allowing me to see Lucy Calkins speak today with my school, and still make derby tomorrow.

i am a dork, i realize, but lucy is kind of my guru. i can quote many of her books (a result of my 1st teaching placement where i found i needed to justify everything i did through lucy or debbie miller.) i love her books, i love her ideas, i love that she's brought writing workshop into so many of our schools, made it accessible, and really shown us how important it is. writing workshop is my absolute favorite part of teaching.

and so now i'm off to see lucy today, drive to the airport to catch a plane to louisville, and then drive back on sunday with my college-senior brothers. (round trip tickets to anywhere near kentucky this weekend are about $1,000. i'm a dork, but a poor dork.)

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