Monday, May 5, 2008

derby weekend

i love the kentucky derby. absolutely adore it. and so, even though i have been ridiculously tired all day due to our very long drive back home yesterday, i can't complain (even if i did...) it was totally worth it.

and i got to wear a beautiful hat with real flowers, sip mint julips (although this year they had new drinks in the derby glasses that were quite tasty).

so, i apologize to my co-teachers for being groggy today. i am sorry if you had to restate things a few times before i caught on. or if my reaction time to your kiddos' misbehavior was in slow motion. i pledge to get lots of sleep tonight and be back to being full of energy and excitement tomorrow.

*the republican husband live-blogged from the derby if you're interested in more details*

1 comment:

M said...

What, no picture of the hat? Even from the top?