Thursday, May 22, 2008

my smart cookie vs the high school musical diva

i was walking down the hallway today behind the high school musical diva. she knows EVERYTHING about HSM, and i'll catch her acting it out throughout the day. she is dying to be in high school and is fully aware of all-things 'popular'.

as we were walking i started to hear a quiet, but very strange noise. looking around the hallway i saw my smart cookie with her mouth slightly ajar. the HSM diva sashayed on by her oblivious to the noise, but my smart cookie turned her head, followed her with her eyes, and the noise continued.

she was hissing.

i explained that while hissing may work for cats, we don't hiss at people in school, or at any time for that matter. 'HSM diva didn't know what you meant by hissing!' I exclaimed. 'you need to tell her why you're upset.'

'she tells me i have ugly clothes on the playground!' she wailed.

both ladies lived up to their reputations.


social stories all around.


Anonymous said...

Goodness! HSM diva might have been very upset of she had heard. Hissing is a common way of "calling out" or humiliating village/group exiles in Latino cultures.
The child doing the hissing must be living in a strained home environment.

organized chaos said...

Luckily HSM diva is from Africa so hopefully she didn't pick up on that! And My Smart Cookie DOES live in a strained home environment, however, it is practically a zoo, so she spends a lot of time observing animal behavior. I know she was modeling her cats.
How interesting about hissing in Latino culture. Thanks for letting me know! I may share that information with my smart cookie to make her understand she can't hiss anymore. (we caught her doing it again today!)