Thursday, May 1, 2008

sick day

its a beautiful spring day and i'm stuck at home, again, with strep. the dr originally told me i didn't have strep, so i went back to work wed., thinking i wasn't going to spend another day at home being a baby about some tiny sore throat. (i also tried to go to work tuesday but quickly realized i wasn't going to function so i drove home.)

then the dr called to tell me they had my lab results and yes, they were wrong, i have strep, and was still contagious. so, now i'm home again, not getting my coworkers sick (although i may have done that yesterday~ sorry). home, tired, and bored.

i also have to miss tonight's teacher research conference, which i am really disappointed to miss. my coworkers have been working all year on some interesting research projects, and i was looking forward to hearing them present. i love that i work at a place where everyone is investigating their teaching, and i hope i'll get another chance to hear their findings sometime soon.

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Anonymous said...

More importantly, they'll miss having your input. You're an exceptional teacher. But remember to take care of yourself, stop burning that candle at both ends. You'll only shortchange your future and the lives of those who depend on you.