Wednesday, May 21, 2008

venting, venting, and more venting

there is something terribly wrong if i can't make it more than an hour and a half without complaining about substitutes again. oh my.

quick classroom management for substitutes:

*If you are constantly saying, "It's too loud" the kids will stop listening. Particularly when they are actually not the ones talking loudly~ it's you. Lower your voice, they'll lower theirs.

*If you have a reminder signal, like a bell, only ring it once while you wait for the class to look at you. If you ring it say, for five minutes straight, the kids will stop looking at you will completely ignore the bell when you really want them to listen.

*cut out the sarcasm with the lower grade kiddos.

*if a child is obviously in the special education field, do not be harder on them than you would the rest of the class. They most likely need an extra minute or two to understand your directions, so don't expect them to read your mind if you haven't given the directions yet.

Oh, and have your directions make sense!!

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