Friday, May 9, 2008

real teacher appreciation

teacher appreciation week is over, which is good, because i can go back to my normal diet of not eating ice cream and donuts for lunch. (but I thank everyone who fed us, and yes, if the PTO president tells me calories don't count during teacher appreciation week, well, i'll agree.) and of course, that massage was the best gift ever.

until tonight. i logged into my work email just to check before i went to bed and saw an email from a parent. i had emailed her quickly this afternoon updating her on the awesome progress her kiddo made this week. she emailed me back to say thanks for the good news, and thanks for all that i do for her kid.

to be honest, i am floored. in all our interactions, i don't think i've gotten a real thank you yet this year. maybe she heard it was teacher appreciation week, or maybe (what I'm going to believe) she is really thankful, and realizes how much we do for her kiddo.

those two words~ thank you~ meant so much. i joked with my husband that the email was portfolio material. forget mentioning my classes toward my masters degree on my resume. getting thanked by this parent means more than anything else.

i don't really need a week where the world is told to appreciate me. the gifts, the food, the candy, is nice, but genuine thank you and respect all year long mean are going to stay with me on those rainy mornings when getting out of bed and going to work seems like a dumb idea.

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