Friday, September 12, 2008

why do we feel compelled to go in when we're sick?

yes, going in proved to be a bad idea. i was out the door by 10am. being there for 3 hours did give me a chance to (other than spread my germs) work with the recess queen on how to make good choices today. i was optimistic when he remembered so many good choices we talked about yesterday. it was a fleeting feeling though, since within 10 minutes of entering the classroom he had flattened a classmate out cops-style, knee in back, elbow on shoulder, hand pushing head down. it wasn't pretty.

i felt guilty emailing my coteachers telling them i was leaving, even more guilty going into a class and whispering to the teacher that i'd be leaving and wouldn't be teaching the lesson today. guilt continued to spread while the kids asked, "but where are you going?" luckily, i've been sleeping since i came home, which has limited conscious guilt. (i'm not even catholic)

mental note: next time stay home from the beginning, keep germs to myself, allow my teachers to plan for me being out instead of getting emails mid-teaching.

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