Monday, September 8, 2008

there's no place like my school... there's no place like my school

heel clicking and channelling judy garlin...

in grad class tonight we were asked to share what sort of expectations of us in the way of lesson plans. those who raised their hands to say they had to turn in their lesson plans early got our pity. then one said, "i don't know why. last thursday we got an email from the person who has been our ap for years announcing that by next thursday she expected all of our lesson plans for the week on her desk. from now on she would always expect our lesson plans by thursday."

no reasons given for why the change in policy, not even a staff meeting on what was expected. i can't imagine working at a school with such little respect from the administration toward the teachers.

i love my school.

another blurted out in frustration, "you're telling me to put all these elements in my lesson plans, but my school requires us to follow this text book, and we cannot deviate from it. our principal expects to come in and know what we were doing based on the book."

i love that my principal trusts me to teach without a teacher's manual, since i know my students' needs, and the teacher's manual has never actually met them.

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