Friday, September 19, 2008

friday celebrations- some weeks you have to remind yourself what went well

things we can celebrate from this week:

~ writing workshop in kindergarten has been amazing! us stepping back and teaching them how to listen to stories has just been incredible for their development as writers. kiddos who couldn't draw a picture on a single topic a few weeks ago are putting together 3 page stories on one topic! and re-telling them over and over again! with details! i had no idea they could learn to organize their thoughts like that so quickly!

~ some of my first graders are really starting to apply reading strategies~ they're self-monitoring and self-correcting. what more can you ask?

~today was talk like a pirate day, which my fabulous co-teacher celebrated by diving into great pirate books. and watching first graders walk and talk like pirates cracked me up. as did saying, "if you can hear my voice put your hand over your eye like an eye patch" instead of the generic "touch your ears" etc.

~fabulous co-teacher and fabulous literacy collaborative coach had a writing celebration today where they put a mirror in the bottom of a tissue box and told each child to look in the box to "meet the author". i missed the initial introduction, but i did get to observe the kiddos sneaking back over to the boxes to peak in and confirm that yes, they are the author inside.

~and greatest celebration of all? october intersession is right around the corner!!!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like your kids really have fun in your classroom each day. It is great to see such an enthusiastic teacher! I think kids should be learning all the time and that's why my kids play the games at They can learn long after the school bell has rung.

:) Abigail