Monday, September 29, 2008

the A store

one of my friends proudly showed me his brand new shoes this morning. "look mrs. lipstick! check out my new shoes!"
"wow!!" i said, gathering my things and heading for the door to be off to my next classroom.
"they have an A on them!" he pointed out proudly, drawing my attention to the large gold A's on the top of each shoe.
"they do, don't they?"
"yeah, my dad went to the A store so he got me A shoes" he explained.

i couldn't help myself. i put down my things and went to go check out exactly where these 'A store' brand shoes came from. airwalks... yes, i suppose the A logo there would be considered the A store. if my little friend wasn't at the store with his dad, what else does he think they sell at the A store?

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