Friday, September 12, 2008

to go or not to go?

ah, the great dilemma of the teacher cold.

my throat is scratchy, i'm developing a nasty cough, my head is achy, i can feel a cold sitting in my chest. i've felt it forming all week, but told myself, get through today, you can stay home friday. so now it's friday, and i'm here on my couch, fully ready for the day, wondering if i really get in my car or not.

the thing is, the recess queen will be back in the classroom today and i want to help my coteacher with his transition back to the room. i want to be able to follow up on our cause/effect lessons from yesterday, because consistency is everything. there are the children i have plans for today, plans that involve consistency and follow-through.

memories of being sneezed on yesterday by my bff linger in my head, (is that yucky? he asked. that's not yucky! that's just water! no, no, my bff, it is definitely yucky.) the kindergartners with their runny noses they haven't yet learned to stop before they drip.

it's just a cold, nothing much, i will be able to make it through the day. but will i be productive through the day, or would a day of sleep put my cold to rest? or really, is it the fact that i have a stack of books i want to read, grad school work to do, and a very comfy couch ideal for napping? hmmm.... checking motivation.

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Snippety Gibbet said...

Sorry to hear that you are feeling so crumby! I hear that they are dropping like flies over your side of the building.