Thursday, September 11, 2008

today i laugh

snapshots of today

episode 1:
me in hallway in main office with kiddo who created quite a rumble on the playground yesterday.
"why are you in the office today?"
"because i'm sorry to my friends."
"no, what did you do to your friends?"
"i said i'm sorry"

"why did you say i'm sorry"
"you're sorry? why?"

"what did m do to his friends yesterday on the playground?"
"mmmm... the principal is mad at me. this is the principals office. i don't want to go to the principal's office! don't make me go! hey, wanna color?"

i could go on, but it's too painful. we did end up identifying the incident (which involved mulch throwing, friend throwing, hitting friends in the head with a lunch box, and the list goes on. have you ever read mean jean, the recess queen? there is a picture of mean jean terrorizing the playground. it was kind of like that.)

episode 2:
me in hallway with one friend who is throwing a tantrum. two children walk by v e r y s l o w l y. "wow, look at you walking so quietly! but i bet you can go faster than that!" i say, as i am looking for anyone to talk to so tantrum child does not think she is winning my attention by having a tantrum (which of course she is).
"no, we can't" the little girl said. "he's... hurt"
"oh no! what happened?" i asked. "is there something wrong with his leg?"
the little boy slowly shook his head and pointed to his crotch.
"oh... ok, well, be careful then!" i said wondering if he have a bathroom accident and was trying to hold it in?
about 2 minutes later the boy is still about 4 feet from me (giving my tantrum friend something to watch) and another teacher comes out. same question i asked, same answer. when the little one finally turned the corner you could hear teachers up and down the hall asking him to walk faster and then presumably getting the same response- frantic pointing at the crotch.
a chat with his classroom teacher led to finding out that the poor first grader had just been circumcised. ow!! not only was he in pain, but every teacher now knew. poor kiddo.

episode 3:
"everyone but m. and my bff need to sit down!" i announce. "now!"
m. sits down. "hey! wait, but i'm m.!!" she suddenly realizes and jumps back up. i was wondering how long it would take her to realize...

episode 4:
i did not actually witness this, but heard the story from our assistant principal. one of my first grade kiddos was also sent to the office after recess today, putting him in the narrow main office hallway with my kindergarten recess queen. the two kiddos could not be more different, but probably cause equal amounts of grey hair on their young teachers.
the first grader, a very bright boy, called out of nowhere, "when i grow up i want to be an astronaut"
my kindergartner called back, "when i grow up, i want to be a spaceship"

episode 5:
during writing workshop i was working with my bff to stretch out his words. (he has such a photographic memory that this is a hard concept for him to understand). we're working on the word 'holding' and have finally gotten down the h, o, and l. time for the d. i say the word slowly, taking time to say /d//d//d/. "Oh!" my bff exclaims and writes down the. in the end his page read: he holtheing flag.
i've seen the written as d many times in first grade, but never the other way around.

today was long but now it is over. i can sit back and laugh, sip my wine, and wonder what tomorrow will bring.


Jenny said...

Episode 5: He came over and read that book to me. I was trying to figure out exactly what was going on on that page. I'm so glad you cleared it up!

Anonymous said...

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