Wednesday, September 10, 2008

this is all i'm going to say about this

this is on the 2nd page of our school newsletter this month.

"we have just learned that according to the no child left behind requirements and standards, our school has met benchmark or annual measurable objectives for 28 out of 29 objectives. our school missed making overall ayp or adequately yearly progress by just 2.35% in one area of math. this means that we did not make it in one out of 29 reporting areas. most statistical data has range, but this law does not allow for margin of error. i want to remind you that each year, the expected passing rate is increased and all schools in the united states are expected to make 100% in each objective area by the year 2014. we are fully credited by the state of ______. our students, families and staff have all worked hard to support our students academically but more importantly to encourage our students to believe in themselves, take pride in school and to take risks, to problem solve and to think and be accountable to doing their best as students"

i love the positive spin my principal has put on us not making ayp. it kills me that we missed it by 2.35% in one area. even though we kicked butt in some categories and scored much higher than ayp required, we are still on the list as a school that didn't make ayp. i hate that outside of our school all our hard work is overshadowed by 2.35% in one small category.

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