Monday, September 22, 2008

mondays are difficult

my bff came in this morning with his hair standing on end. i couldn't decide if it had been blow-dried on purpose like that, or if this was the just-got-out-of-bed look. after getting a "grrummph" when i said good morning i decided it had to be a sign that the morning at home hadn't gone so well. he was also dressed in a striped shirt and plaid pants, which is unusual for him. last year it came out during a conference that he is a very picky dresser and always chooses his own clothes. we were shocked, because he always matches perfectly. he, at 5, could be a host on one of those make-over shows. i mean, i've never seen a kid come to school day after day in such perfect outfits.
but not today. which most likely meant there was a big fight this morning. maybe laundry wasn't done. maybe they woke up late. whatever happened my bff hadn't forgotten by the time he made it to school.

20 minutes after school started the kindergarten aid told me that my bff was standing outside our kindergarten room (he's in first grade) talking into his hand. i went out and there he was, leaning against the wall with his hand cupped from his ear to his mouth. "mom!" he was saying, "i don't like it here! i'm getting sick! come take me home! oh... ok... well.... fine! i'll see you later!" and he "hung up" his imaginary phone. he looked at me and announced, "i don't like this". clearly his mother had just told him through this imaginary phone conversation that he had to stay in school.

eventually he settled down and by the afternoon he was patting my head like normal.

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