Tuesday, September 2, 2008

my name is mrs lipstick, and i'm a book-a-holic

it's a huge problem and i'm trying to deal with it, i promise.

the last 2 weeks the books from my classroom library have been riding around in my car homeless. (to my credit, i actually did run to my car to get books for a lesson a few times. the school library is closer than my car, yes, but not by much, and i knew exactly where the books were in the nicely labeled baskets in my car.)

yesterday i finally broke mr. lipstick down and had him understand that while i may be willing to put fine china in storage, i was not fully comfortable with the idea of dropping my precious children's books in storage so far away from me. i need them for lessons. i need to know they are safe. i need to know that the original eloise is not being eaten by dust.

his original idea was to drive to my parents' house in the country and he would distract them by eating my mom's yummy food while i hauled the books from my car into the barn. while we may or may not have done this with some of my other possessions, i could not bring myself to put click, clack, moo, cows that type in the barn. there are no longer animals in the barn, other than the lone mouse, black snake or squirrel who takes refuge in its shade. how could i leave my collection of classic children's books in spanish for only the black snake to enjoy?

i know. i know. i have a problem.

so yesterday mr. lipstick and i headed out to find the biggest book shelf we could find. and after a day of creative shelving and re-arranging, i *think* most of my classroom books have found a safe home in the room previously known as our "office". it is now a mini-classroom, complete with labeled, categorized books. mr. lipstick gets distracted every time i try to explain the organization to him. he doesn't believe he'll ever wake up in the middle of the night dying to read 'alexander who use to be rich last sunday'.

i know different.

so if you're in the area and want a good book recommendation, or suddenly have the urge to read make way for ducklings, give me a call. i have 3 copies.


Anonymous said...

mr lipstick should understand since he is the product of a book a-holic family. his books, fyi, are waiting at his family home - ready to be transferred to 'ole Virginia

Anonymous said...

I love the way you get my world.... someone who really gets it.. (I'm secretly glowing over here :)