Saturday, January 19, 2008

"We do not throw George Washington"

Thanks to being the transition back to our normal routine, a snowy Thursday, a two hour delay Friday, and just having five year olds be five year olds, this week was exhausting. I find myself almost too tired to compose my thoughts on this week other than:

1. I'm glad its over.

2. Although I love having dolls of Famous Americans, it does distress me to see George Washington sail across the room. (Could someone please give me a Helen Keller doll??)

3. What kind of a world do we live in where five year olds have to spend an entire day watching snow fall outside their classroom window, only to finally get out of school and have it begin to rain.

4. If I hear anyone at the central office make a comment about how fabulous it was that we didn't send our children home early so that we had an uninterrupted day of learning on Thursday I might punch them. And once they fire me, they can spend a day with children watching snow fall and then decide whether or not it was uninterrupted learning.

5. I love watching five year olds watch the snow fall. I love the shock on their faces when we walk down the hallway and they see that it isn't just snowing outside their classroom window~ it is snowing outside on the playground, and in the parking lot, and outside the cafeteria too.


Anonymous said...

Hehehehehe.....After reading that title, I couldn't wait to read the entry. I'm still giggling. jj

Jenny said...

One of our reading recovery teachers took a first grader out of class to go outside into the snow. He is from Africa (I can't recall which country, unfortunately) and had never seen snow. His classmates watched him leave longingly. Their teacher looked at them and said, "If you came from a war-torn country and had never seen snow then you could go out too." And then she continued to teach.