Wednesday, January 16, 2008

bring it on v. jump in

I have to admit, there is a special place in my heart for truly terrible teen (or tween as my jumpers call themselves) movies like Bring It On and Jump In. Needless to say, my jumpers totally agree. Which is why we are all still on a crazy high from our Friday performance.

We were part of the half time show for the basketball game at our high school. It was our first performance and we'd only had one practice since break, so we were all a little nervous. We were suppose to go on between the dance team and the cheer leading squad. There were my tiny elementary school jumpers, clutching their ropes, staring at the large crowd while they try to remember their routines.

Picture this in a tween movie:

They announce us and the crowd goes wild (I mean, we're a cute jump rope team at a high school... we have a reputation). Our first routine is a competition between our jumpers and everytime someone makes a mistake she sits down as the music gets faster and faster. It's usually a crowd pleasure and to make it even better the announcer started calling it. The crowd goes crazy and our kids run to the back of the gym to grab their other rope to come back out for their next routine.

But the CHEERLEADERS run onto the floor, not knowing we have another routine. They start dancing with 12 jumpers holding ropes and looking confused behind them. The crowd starts chanting "Jumpers, Jumpers" until the cheerleaders have to stop their routine, run off the floor, and let our team back on.

Sadly, the crowd was so loud we couldn't hear the music so the routine was a little off, but regardless... Imagine being in fourth grade and having an entire gym chant for you to perform over the high school cheerleaders. They were walking on air for the rest of night. In fact, some were still walking on air at practice and re-living every moment of it.


Anonymous said...

That made me teary eyed. jj

Anonymous said...

Have one of your kiddos start calling a cadence count and they'll never lose the beat again.

Suzanne G. said...

Not only did they do an amazing thing, but jumping like that will help keep them in shape for a lifetime. Great!