Monday, January 28, 2008

how i know i love my job or, what is WRONG with me?

last week presented three harrowing days of overwhelming stress. just three days. i took friday off to go pretend to be a politico with my family. i spent all day saturday in grad class and then skipped my special ed sunday school ministry to catch up on grad work. today we had a teacher workday so it became the fourth day in a row that i didn't get to work with children.

these are children who spit, hit, and drooled on me last week.

i miss them so much. just four days and i can't wait to see them tomorrow. no matter how many times i consider the lsat or think about how fabulous a job in politics may be, i realize i would be miserable. because even though i would not be covered in snot, would not listen to dr. jean sing the abcs over and over again, would not have to read 'here comes the brown car', and would not have to stand in the cold during kiss and ride duty, i wouldn't get to watch kids sing dr. jean, or learn their abcs, or stand with pride when they read 'here comes the brown car'. And I wouldn't get hugs and smiles when kids head into school.

i am sadly very happily stuck in a job with snot, spit, drool, and no money.

'stuck in happiness' isn't too bad i suppose but it does make me a big dork.

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