Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snapshots of the return from the holidays

"Santa Clause couldn't find ANY Game Cube games this year. And I tried to be SO good!!"

"This was my first Christmas because last year we were in our country in a many-people house and no room for a house tree. This year we had a house tree. I loved it."

"My favorite part of break was the 2008 party. Until the grownups drank something they shouldn't have and it made them throw up."

"I don't celebrate Christmas. Or New Years. Or Winter break. Or intersession. I'm not allowed to be here."

"My favorite thing about the holidays was making cartoon noises all the time. Want to hear?"


Jenny said...

"I'm not allowed to be here." I love it!

Tim said...

I bet the parents of the child who made cartoon noises all the time during the break were MORE than glad to send him/her back to school. :-)