Thursday, January 3, 2008

multicultural markers

We're back in school, but not back to our regular schedule yet. I love year-round schooling. Right now we're in winter intersession, where each kiddo takes two classes during the day, a morning and afternoon class.
I'm teaching a scrapbooking class for first and second graders. So far I am having a ridiculous amount of fun watching the kids get into creating books of their lives. Since many don't have pictures of themselves their parents are willing to send in to get covered in glue and markers, I'm having them draw "photographs" of important times in their life we can use in a scrapbook. I have tons of supplies on the back table so they can get whatever they need for their inspiration.

Yesterday I looked around the room and noticed a little boy working diligently with 6 markers clutched in his hand. I moved back to see what he was doing. He was holding every color of the Multicultural Skin Colored markers and was drawing a line on his skin with each one. "I'm finding my match" he explained matter-of-factly and went back to drawing on his hand.

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Unlimited said...

I watched something similiar happen yesterday. One boy was holding up the markers to another boys face. "No, this isn't it. No, not this one either. You're in the middle of these two colors."