Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday Night

I will admit that last Tuesday night I pouted a lot about going back to work. I may have stomped my feet. I may have made some rude comments about how stupid it was to sign up for intersession and that we really don't need the money that badly. I may have sworn I would never teach intersession again.

And then when the alarm went off Wed. morning I may have been extra loud getting ready, as a protest for having to go into work when I had the CHOICE to have another week and a-half off.

Yet now its Sunday night and I'm ridiculously excited about going in to work tomorrow. Not only do I get to teach my smart cookie, but I have other fabulous kids I get to work with. We're scrapbooking so I get little windows into their lives while we talk about their pictures and lay out their pages. I'm loving it, and loving the fact we get to have fun all day without worrying about important curriculum. Not that we're not learning! But we get to relax a bit, make a mess, laugh, and have fun in the process. Hooray year-round schooling.

(To make it all better, now that I have my own classroom at the moment I get to do exciting read-alouds and can have the kiddos sing whenever and whatever I want. I've missed that!)

Tomorrow I think we're going to splatter paint... and possibly do some ed emberley thumb print art.

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