Tuesday, January 15, 2008

teacher blues

we all know that being a teacher means you have to train your bladder to go 8 hours without using the restroom. and that you can consume your lunch in 5 minutes flat leaving time to take a child to the clinic, help a new student understand the cafeteria, call a parent, get your afternoon materials ready (still no time for the bathroom)

this is all fine and we give up eating slowly and bathroom breaks for the best job in the world. we deal with our doctors telling us to leave the kids alone for a few seconds (what could happen, they ask) and use the bathroom, drink more water, or slow own our eating. they just don't get it.

my newest frustration right now is that my husband and i are trying to buy a house. now, most people can be on the phone with realtors and lenders throughout the day, and when they get the news that someone else has put in an offer they can put in a higher offer right away. people might have to make time around meetings, but their schedule isn't controlled by excitable six year olds. and when the six year olds go home? now figure out time to meet with a lender around grad school classes, professional development, after school activities, parent conferences, etc.

years of saving my teacher salary so that one day i can buy a house, and we keep losing houses because we don't respond fast enough! its one thing to choose a career that means you can't afford a house, quite another to have a career that doesn't' give you time to even find a house!


Anonymous said...

People who aren't teachers just don't understand. "So you're telling me that you don't have 5 minutes during the school day to use the bathroom/make a phone call/send an email/etc.?" No, we don't.

Anonymous said...

Time to play hardball with your agent. If he/she isn't able to deal with your schedule, in this down market, he/she isn't looking out for you or doing a good job. Agents should be jumping for your business,not the other way around. Make this clear as soon as possible and start looking for a new agent. Remember, they're likely salivating over your 6% commission, so have them earn it.