Tuesday, January 22, 2008

grouchy, grouchy, grouchy

i held my grouchy mood together all day, despite not being able to eat with my lunch bunch due to testing. i was doing really well until jump rope practice. and then i was done.

they weren't staying on beat. they were stopping mid-routine, not even trying. ropes were moving while i was talking, back of heads were facing me before routines were suppose to start. two whole rows missed their cues because some fifth grade girls were gossiping in the back. i had no sympathy.

"do it again" was my response every time, so i "skilled, drilled, and killed" our new routine. they complained about hurting joints. i told them it was important to practice this routine. they can ice when they get home. we only have 3 more practices before our next show. we're behind. why wont they try harder?

why do i have patience when children are struggling to read, but not now when they are trying to do really hard jumps? i certainly can't do what i expect them to do.

i raced away from practice knowing i needed to get to the gym and get my stress out fast. in my aerobics class i fell off the beat. i got behind. i got water instead of starting the routine right away. i didn't pick my legs up as far as i should have. i was lazy. the instructor told us to speed up. i slowed down.

evil jump rope coach from the black lagoon meets sympathetic, apologetic (and sore) teacher.

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