Friday, January 4, 2008

I heart my smart cookie

Another benefit of intersession is that you get to teach kids you don't normally work with, as well as kids you have taught in previous years. I love it! I love getting to work with kids I already spent a whole year with, especially when we're working on something fun.

I requested to have my smart cookie in my intersession class. I just miss her. I get to see her in the hallways but its not the same. So now I have her in a class that if I'm honest, I designed with her in mind. This isn't to say she's a perfect angel in here, but I still get to watch her creativity and excitement pop.

Yesterday she came bounding into the room about an hour and a half late, with a stack of pictures from her life. Her baby pictures, her pets, pics of her little sister, clutched in her hand with pride. It was so fun to look through them, get a glimpse of her life as a child, and watch her happily giggle as she told me the stories attached to each one.

Hooray for having 2 weeks to spend with a child when we're not cramming information down their throats. Hooray for letting children explore learning in a fun, natural way for a little while.

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Suzanne G. said...

Amen, I've missed you. Haven't been reading as much in December. So great to read you again. Have an awesome new year.