Wednesday, August 12, 2009

wine- a teacher's best friend

just back from back-to-school night and i'm done. it's been quite a busy last few days, but i continue to adore my classes. the beginning of kindergarten is so full of teaching how to use pencils, crayons, how to raise your hand, how to stand in line, etc.

"this is a pencil. show me how to use it carefully" lessons are seeping into my dreams.

after a week and a half our kiddos are beginning to stretch their muscles and test their boundaries. they're no longer shy and timid, and we're seeing all sorts of little science experiences at work. "what happens if i don't come to the rug right away?" most of them are easy to stop and show them their limits, but some prove to be harder. one little boy continues to lose his patience in the afternoon and stomps his feet while wailing in spanish, and another of my little ones decided to crawl under the table and shout- loudly- to let us know just how she was feeling.

meeting their parents was great- i love being able to share stories with their parents and getting to answer the questions about school, and listen to their own stories about their children's beliefs on school.

now- i'm exhausted. time for wine & quiet time on the couch.

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