Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i love my job

pssst i hear from a five year old who is timidly raising his hand.


he motions me over so he can whisper in my ear.

i have a dog.

i love my job.

*** *** ***

i turn around during snack to find a little one standing on my heels. she grins and holds up a pretzel she's just bitten into.

it's a letter! she whispers, learning forward with excitement.

wow! which one?

i don't know! she giggles, shrugs, and the letter disappears into her mouth.

i love my job.

*** *** ***

we sat in morning meeting in a circle, criss cross applesauce, quietly listening to each new friend name their favorite food. my new fabulous friend announced her favorite food is carrots, and as each friend shares his or her food she collapses with disappointment of learning that other kindergarten students don't share her love of carrots.

*** *** ***

how do you not love a job where little ones have such a strong desire to share these tiny, yet extremely important aspects of their life?

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Angela Watson said...

You're one of the few edubloggers who has started back to school already, and knowing that you're off to a good start gives me hope and a little more enthusiasm!