Tuesday, August 25, 2009

because my job isn't hard enough

dear book bag producers,

i know that you are enjoying making the super trendy high school musical book bags, or sparkly hannah montana totes. i don't heart them, but it's ok whatever gives my little ones the desire to bring their homework to and from school is worth it. but now you are beginning to make new fancy bookbags that do not actually do what they say they will do. this is hard to do, with a book bag, since the requirements of a book bag include:

1) open
2) hold stuff
3) close
4) be easily carried- either on the back or on the side of a child

not difficult. you have been making these for years.

but now, something has gone terribly wrong. your new bags appear to be regular size bookbags, but you smartly put a zipper down the side in a new "wow, isn't this cool" style. every kid this year, it seems, HAS to have a bookbag with a trendy fake zipper.

a zipper whose angle actually makes it impossible to insert anything close to the size of say, oh, a homework folder. so that every piece of paper sent home is required to be smashed into a ball and shoved into the bookbag as though one is stuffing a scarecrow with newspaper.

if these bags are really such a money maker for you i ask you to come and show me how you'd like me to help 5 year olds (who are being taught to be independent) to pack up at the end of the day and stuff their lunch box, homework folder, and jacket through the small hole you provide.

i am beginning to suspect you are in cahoots with the testing companies. if our children's homework is too crumpled to actually be completed then maybe they wont do it, so they wont learn, keeping test scores low, and forcing us to take more tests. ok, maybe i'm stretching it a bit, but seriously- what could possibly be the reason for making a product that does not do what people are buying it for?

thank you,
mrs. lipstick

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