Thursday, August 13, 2009

patterns of thinking in the beginning of the year

in kindergarten we like to start the year with everyone making their own self portrait to hang up in the classroom. this year we used think blocks to help the children label the parts of their body. These two little girls really went into detail after the lesson- check out the finger nails (above) and the toes inside the shoes (below).
one of our fabulous new teachers this year mentioned she used think blocks to introduce responsive classroom's concept of an apology of action. her class labeled the parts of an apology. because teaching is about sharing/stealing, we totally copied her idea. we came up with 4 parts of an apology: saying you are sorry, asking if the person is ok, asking how to fix it/make it better, and saying "i will never do it again". now- we'll wait to see if they actually use these new apology skills...

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