Friday, August 21, 2009

let me introduce you to fabulous friend

at the end of the day today i couldn't contain myself- i walked into the speech/pathologists office and gave her the list of reasons i am in love with fabulous friend. they are so good i thought i would share them with you too.

1. fabulous friend has the best name ever. it sounds like the first part of a popular club song from a few years ago. every time i say her name i want to start singing and dancing.

2. fabulous friend's big sister's name is just a few letters off of her own name. she calls her "big girl fantastic friend". as in, "mrs. lipstick, do you see my big girl, fantastic friend?" when she is standing right beside her sister.

3. fabulous friend was previously the star of the red light/green light post. for those interested, she is still working on her impulse control, but is working really, really hard.

4. fabulous friend gave everyone imaginary train hats today during free choice and got her entire table to pretend they were on a train while making "toot, toot" hand motions.

5. the minute it stopped raining during free choice fabulous friend took a break from leading the train to exclaim, "yes! now we can jump in the puddles on the way home!" and then showed me her puddle jumping dance.

6. fabulous friend loves read alouds, and is 100% engaged the entire time. so much that she gets excited and tries to turn the pages for you (before you're done reading the current page)

7. if you try to book-talk a book fabulous friend curls up into a ball as though she is having stomach cramps and cries, "please, please, hurry and read it! i need to hear it now!"

8. when taken to the clinic fabulous friend curled up into a ball as though she was having stomach cramps and cried, "no! i don't want to go home! i want to stay and have the fun!"

9. today fabulous friend was wearing knee-high olive green socks and a pink skirt.

10. at the end of the day fabulous friend whispered to my co-teacher, "i'm afraid of unicorns".


jwg said...

Love it! So glad she has a teacher who appreciates her. Keep us posted!

drewandkatie said...

laughing so hard. too late at night. can't wake husband. oh! i love fabulous friend now too.