Monday, July 7, 2008

on-line learning failure

as i look longingly out the window at the trees and grass and think happy thoughts about the pools in my new neighborhood, i bitterly return to my laptop where i am suffering through an on-line class. i thought i would love on-line classes. i'm not a huge group-work person. i like using the computer, i prefer writing my ideas as opposed to discussing them, i like working at my own pace. writing my thesis in undergrad and then doing an independent study were some of my best learning experiences. on-line learning should be perfect for me, right??

i am miserable. i don't understand the syllabus, or the assignments. i don't like reading other people's comments on the discussion board anymore than i like listening to them in class. actually, in-class is better because you can listen to the natural discussion and then respond. now its a competition to see who can sound the most intelligent on the discussion board.

i am also, for the first time, sick of my computer. i am sick of typing, scrolling, and looking at the screen. i have spent 4 hours this morning suffering through power-points, articles, and writing responses to them.

sadly this class is now only offered on-line and is important for me to get endorsements on my license, so here i am, working hard, during my super-short summer break.

we haven't been given any grades yet, or at least, i haven't. i have no idea if all the work i've done so far is what the professor is looking for, or far off base. without the quick class announcements or chatter among peers its hard to understand exactly what the assignments are. i'm starting to worry that i may not do as well as i need to in order to get credit with the state.

ick. and now i'm off to another class i'm taking this summer, this one with an actual teacher and location, that i now have to get dressed and drive quickly too. eek. perhaps working in pjs wasn't that bad this morning after all...

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