Thursday, July 10, 2008

too cute for time out?

the child stood up in the grocery store cart, stamping his feet and throwing pieces of paper onto the floor. his mother diligently picked the pieces up and handed them back to him, asking him not to throw them again. he threw them to the floor. and mom picked them up. again and again.

my husband caught me before grabbing the little one and asking him to sit down in the cart since he looked like at any moment he would topple over into the cake mixes. and that's when i read his shirt.

too cute for time out

hmmmm... who makes these shirts? and who decides to put their child in it? does that reflect their own parenting strategy? well, we believe in time-out, but our kid is just to darn cute to do that to. perhaps they should also have one for 'too cute to go to bed at a reasonable hour' or 'too cute to be hurt if he falls out of the shopping cart'.

apparently my 3 grad school classes are turning me into a bitter person. ignore me.

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Jenny said...

Those shirts are often an interesting conversation topic with parents because people feel very strongly about them. Personally I'm highly amused by them and my little one will wear them to kindergarten fairly often.

I do find that they cross the line on occasion however. One of my fifth graders wore one several years ago that said, "Your ex-boyfriend bought me this shirt."