Tuesday, July 29, 2008

me, hitting head into wall.

the kindergarten class i am in is awesome, but is full of little boys who have never been in any sort of school setting before. i'm not sure they've ever had to comply with an adult before, nor has anyone broken the news to them that the rest of their lives is going to be about following rules.

of course that means we, the fearless teachers, are in charge of delivering this message and making them know we actually mean it.

which isn't going so well.

our kiddos were on the playground, practicing lining up when the whistle blew. one of my new favorite friends just absolutely refused to line up on each practice, causing us to have to go and physically lead him to the line.

so, after the 2nd time practicing he had to sit in time out while the class played on the playground.

"what are you going to do when the whistle blows?" i asked, trying to turn time-out into a learning opportunity.
"i don't want to hear the whistle anymore" he announced.
"i'm sorry, we have to hear the whistle. what are you going to do when you hear it?"
"not hear it"
"you will hear it. what will you do when the other children run to line up?"
"excuse me, can i go play?"
"point to where you'll go when the whistle blows"
"but, but, i don't WANT TO LINE UP!"

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