Monday, July 28, 2008

things i heard myself saying today...

~we don't pick our noses in school. it will get germs everywhere. please take your finger out of your nose.

~thank you for taking your finger out of your nose! now, please go wash your hands.

~please sit down... you don't want to?... um, i'm sorry, its time to sit down. n o w.

~please sit where your name tag is. that's emily's name, you may not take her name. you have your own name. give emily back her name. no, do not take erin's name either. please go back to your own name.

~where are you going? no, you're not going home right now. i'm sorry your bored, but you may not go home yet. SIT.

~i'm glad you like school but no, you may not stay here all night. even the teachers have to go home. really, we do.

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