Monday, July 28, 2008

i love my job

although there are days that sometimes makes me wonder about my own sanity.

i love kindergartners who have never been in any sort of preschool program before. they have no idea what it means to stand in line, wait their turn, or that they supposedly have to immediately comply with every command an adult gives them, even if the adult doesn't give a reason.

as we finally had all our kiddos rounded up this morning and were walking in line toward the classroom one little boy just kept darting all over the hallway. it didn't matter how many times i took his hand and led him back in line, or how many times i said, "stay on the silver line behind this boy's book bag. " i even explained what behind meant. he'd nod knowingly, and then see something interesting and dart away, looking confused when i brought him back in line.

he kept trying to talk to me and i kept saying, "i'd love to hear that, but we can't talk in the hallway"

"really?" he almost yelled. "why not? hey, i wonder if the classroom is going to be scary. because, you know, monsters don't like me very much"

I am so in love with this kid.

in fact, i'm so in love with all of them.

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Jpm said...

Just reading your blog, started with most recent and well decided to read some more entries. I had one child say to me " why can't we bring fake bullets to school" and then his mom said " ya so you mean he really can't have them here?"