Saturday, June 28, 2008

cupid of education

tonight i'm headed to the wedding of one of my friends from college and i am slightly worried his mother may poison my food.
we were dorm counselors together in the same building our senior year and we spent a year of parenting our needy-yet-fabulous freshmen. i spent my winter semester student teaching and would come home exhausted from my first full-time experience with lesson plans and first graders. in january my fellow dorm counselor listened politely to my days, but by april he was waiting at my door in the afternoons to hear my tales of a school. he was hooked. by then he'd decided that despite winning multiple awards from the journalism department he was destined to be a teacher. putting his promising career in journalism aside he took a year off to teach at a montessori school and apply for graduate teaching programs.
you can imagine what his mother thought of all this after paying our private school tuition for 4 years. she was far from happy, and i believe, blamed it all on me. he (and my own mother) would joke that i better hope she didn't have a voo-doo doll of me to get back at me for taking away her son's promise and turning him into "just a teacher".

hahaha. it was a funny joke until my first year of teaching started and life got very, very rough (not just because it was my first year, but that was tough too). i really think someone may have been out to get me that year, and it could very well have been her.

he went on to get his maters in teaching and met his wife in his graduate program (now they teach at the same school).

the other victim of my "teaching is the best career in the world" left her promising future of getting a phd in math from an ivy league school to teach middle school math. (her family was a bit more understanding, or if they weren't, they at least didn't blame me too much). i was in her wedding in april where she married her school's music teacaher.

hmmmm.... maybe i was really destined to convince these fabulous people to consider teaching so they would meet their future spouses. i am the cupid of education.

hopefully the groom's mom will see it that way. i haven't seen her since graduation, and she wasn't too happy with me then...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe mom will remember the great teachers friend has had, or will enjoy seeing friend happy at work. On one else I talk to likes their job, but I love mine. Hope you had fun and I hope friend's married llife is going well.