Wednesday, June 11, 2008

meet fluffy, our pet dust bunny

i was not a nice person tonight. i fear my husband may have volunteered to go to the store at 10pm to avoid the rest of my grumpiness until i went to bed.

from 1 until about 4:30 i had back-to-back meetings on two different children, in two different but equally warm rooms. the air conditioning just didn't seem to be able to work at top form today. after my long set of meetings i stayed at school for too long, doing paperwork and staring at my mess of an office which needs to be packed up and ready to move by this time next week.

the end is so close we can taste it. my new back porch is calling to me. there is a library in my new neighborhood i haven't explored. and yet i feel like i'm drowning in end-of-year requirements.

on top of it all, my in-laws are visiting for the first time this weekend to see our new place. i was so excited about this visit until the power went out in both of our bathrooms last wed. and we can't get it to go back on (nor can we get someone to come fix it). on following the recommendation from dominion power (thanks guys) we managed to break our air conditioning as well. so my in-laws are coming to visit in a warm house with dark bathrooms. *sigh*

i love my in-laws but there is something that makes me feel like i have to overly impress them with the cleanliness and put-togetherness of the house. perhaps because its our first real house, or maybe its just a gut-instinct-woman thing. do we worry that the mother of the man we marry will reject us based on our kitchen floor?

this summer at the ASHA conference i attended a session on stress management. one tidbit the speaker recommended was not trying to do too much and setting priorities. for instance, instead of stressing about the cleanliness of the house she named her dust bunnies. then, when she noticed them, she could say, "FLUFFY! Good to see you! You Grew!"


and so, atlanta-lipsticks, welcome to our fabulous new house complete with dust-bunny fluffy, and unpacked boxes herb, bob, and don. i'm sure by tomorrow i'll think of new names for other 'household pets' as well.

now i'm going to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Oh for crying out loud! Of course they love you, regardless of your floors.
Gee whiz, I can't stand my mother-in- law and my floors have always been ten times cleaner than hers. And she hates me, too! Everybody wins!!!
Enjoy the fact that they probably think you hung the moon.
Have a great summer and relax a bit.