Thursday, June 19, 2008

location, location, location

a few weeks ago an idea crept into my head that i couldn't get rid of. what if i put my workspace in an actual classroom instead of in my current office so far away from the classrooms i teach? at first i thought it was crazy, and me just longing for the classroom environment again. but the more i thought about it the more it made sense. i miss so much in my classrooms when i am only there for the scheduled hour or so. so many times my kids need me for transitions, or to be walked through how to share a toy, or how to sit criss-cross-applesauce quietly. but when i'm only there for my hour of reading workshop i don't get many opportunities to do all of that. the more i thought about it the more the idea wouldn't go away so i finally approached one of my fabulous co-teachers and asked if i could house my desk in her room. she graciously agreed. i'm not sure i would have agreed as a classroom teacher. i think i would have felt a little invaded. especially since she already has her assistant's desk in the classroom. but i was thrilled she said thought it was a good idea.

i'm so excited to try this. it will be nice to feel more a part of a class and it will give me more information on the children i write iep goals for. it may even mean i get to sing all those silly songs trapped in my head from years of teaching first grade. and it should put me closer to my other two classrooms as well so that i can check in when needed. it will become a more organic co-teaching experience.

as one of my office-mates and i were pouting about the fact this would mean we wont see each other much next year she made a great observation. "this office becomes a crutch" she said. its so true. its an easy place to slip off to and not have to deal with the crazy children. it's so easy to go there, gossip with friends, sip our coffee, check email, and wonder why everyone else is working so hard. i am going to miss having that space away from the kids and having that adult time, but i think my office-mate hit the nail on the head. the space was a crutch for me this year. let's see if i can get by with out it. i'm excited to try this experiment. and it might not work. i may need more quiet time to write ieps or call translators, check in with parents and administrators. so if its not working i'll chalk it up as life experience and move myself back upstairs.

so, i've spent the last two days getting together the things i moved upstairs last summer and putting them together so i can move them back downstairs.

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