Sunday, June 8, 2008

"my friend is sad"

after field day i had begged one of my co-teachers to let me do a read-aloud to her class. another coworker had recommended the book my friend is sad by mo willems and told me that i absolutely had to read it to a class before the end of the year. her email actually stated, "You might want to- are required to read the elephant's voice as a moody/low/"eeyore" type voice. Piggy's voice must be a piglet or tigger kind of voice.
Tis all. :)

So i knew it had to be a fantastic book.

after getting my co-teacher to agree to this i settled down to read the book to a bunch of sweaty kindergartners just returning from their first field-day experience.

at first they looked at me like i was crazy as i attempted my best piglet/tigger voice, but as the story went on mo's characters took over the room.

before i'd even finished the book they were begging to read it again. i highly recommend getting a copy of the book, finding a class full of kids and sitting down for a read aloud. it will be the highlight of your day.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I had the same experience, although I didn't do an eeyore voice. I read the book to my class and got totally carried away acting out the two voices. The pictures and words are so wonderful that you just can't help it. My class loved it, and it was a great story time.

Thanks for reminding me -- I'll read it again today!